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They're starved for change,

and fight like hell to get it.

A tormented boxer and a dirty cop
fight to escape their past, save their souls, and uncover the truth about
the people they love.

Has every bone in your body ever told you to follow your heart; to do the opposite of what everyone around you is telling you to do?


DarkHorse is a metaphor for the struggle and compromise most of us are faced with in many parts of our lives. In some cases, allowing darkness to seep in; and given enough time, pressure, and abuse, forcing goodness to rise to the surface, kick you in the nuts, and fight like hell for what's truly important. 

Mickey Venerino is a boxer in Boston, in his early 30’s, but this is not a boxing film… 


Compared to "The Departed", "Mystic River" and "Gone Baby Gone", this feature length, action/crime drama, tells a story of people who choose to be honourable, in its billions of shades of grey. 

They say there are some roads you can’t come back from, but sometimes, to see the light, we have to walk through the darkest of nights. The greatest trait Mickey’s father left him wasn’t a right hook, it was honour.

And the one to watch out for is the one we least expect to thrive. The “DarkHorse”.


This film is inspired by my story, and it needs to be made NOW so that

others can be inspired to stand tall and forge their destiny, on their terms.

"It's rare that I ever see scripts this good.”

-Malin Akerman-

"The script has a lot of potential and is something that could be very resonant with audiences

who are fans of  writers like Dennis Lehane.... The twists and turns of the second and third acts

will have people on the edge of their seats... There is a good amount of potential.” 

-Jim Young, Animus Films-


"The story richly explores themes of identity, community and mental health, while the writing paints

vivid imagery into the pages of the screenplay...  the story crescendos into a powerful third act and resolution, paying off plenty of earned emotion.”

-The Black List-


"The dialogue throughout the script is fantastic.”

-Buffalo 8-



(DarkHorse has growing attachments and market interest. Please contact directly for project materials and information.)


The Production Team is in the process of securing commitment for lead roles. High-profile talent are being approached for several of the top supporting roles in the film. Cast are being sought on the basis of artistic sensibilities, bankability and marketing awareness. 


Equity investment, pre-sales, and early project financing, will enable strong offers to known talent.

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Provincial tax credits, up to 53.5% of qualified labour costs

Federal tax credit, up to 15% of total production costs


The Production Team is in discussions to attach strong international sales representation to present DarkHorse globally at major film markets. Seasoned veterans are advising on the content presentation, casting, marketing, and sales positioning. 

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