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Philip Nelson

Writer, Director, Cinematographer - Storyteller

Being raised on a grain farm in central Alberta, Canada, you have to think on your feet. Sink or swim. Philip has thrived on this philosophy. His aspirations are pulled by the desire to understand and explore the human condition… what makes people tick. Their motivations in life. The extent to which people will stoop to get what they want, or their propensity to stand up for what’s right, regardless of the consequences. Tales of woe which are surprisingly common. Stories which inspired a script that exposes the lives of average people, who have lived hard lives and are faced with extraordinary decisions; with boxing as a metaphor for the struggle and compromise we are faced with in many parts of our lives. A scenario that reveals, in the toughest moments, who we really are.


As Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and every other role on a film set, Philip has ten short films under his belt since 2019, as well as documentaries, numerous scripts, and involvement on Ghostbusters Afterlife as a Production Assistant. He has absorbed the wealth of knowledge and skill required to masterfully execute his first feature film. His most recent short film “Time”, completed October, 2020, has already been nominated for Best Short Film & Best Production Design, and has won honourable mention for Best Score. Philip is a craftsman at heart, and does not “settle” in life. Inspired by masters like Terence Malick (Tree of Life), Alejandro Inarritu (Birdman), and Sam Mendes (1917), he has set the bar for himself, and it’s high… very high. The only acceptable result is excellence.


Whether it be through documentary or narrative film, our dreams and desires bring forth our humanity. To quote Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” This is the essence of my desire. To tell our stories, to bear our broken parts, to dream, to hurt, to love... and to embrace.

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