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Director's Reel

Director's Reel

Philip Nelson & Rose Hill Pictures

Writer, Director, Cinematographer - Storyteller 
"Rose Hill" is a reference to my home town. The place where I learned the essentials that made me who I am today; for better or worse. It's where my heart lies..."Heart", the thing that metaphorically binds us and urges us to live our lives, tell our stories, and take interest in the stories and beauty that surrounds us. It is our essence. It is what makes us "human".
Rose Hill Pictures is a motion picture production company, founded in 2019, with the goal of creating moving original content which is unparalleled in impact, emotion and visual poetics. This journey began with a desire to explore and document the world, its people and its oceans, and has evolved to include dramatic series, short, and feature films. Numerous original projects are written and in early development, and the pen and keyboard keep churning out exciting new ideas and plot points. Stay tuned for continuing  developments and sneak peeks, or contact us to develop your projects, or to invest in ours.
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