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**This “Sizzle Reel” utilizes found footage to represent the intended look, feel and vision of the project, due to the prohibitive expense in obtaining original footage. No copyright is claimed or implied. Credit is given in the full version, below.

**This “Sizzle Reel” utilizes found footage to represent the intended look, feel and vision of the project, due to the prohibitive expense in obtaining original footage. No copyright is claimed or implied. 

"Someone whose spiritual practice is directed toward the achievement of enlightenment. One  who possesses the compassionate, selfless determination to reach enlightenment for the sole  purpose of enlightening all humankind.”

A filmmaker leaves civilization behind. Reflecting on his farming roots and passion for  adventure, he yearns for a better way of life, with one question burning at his core. “Are the  people of the world really so different that we are destined to destroy each other, or are we  actually all looking for the same thing?” Driven to seek adventure and discover the truth. Solo,  under sail, one filmmaker explores a simpler form of living and discovers the people and the  places very few have experienced. His greatest discovery may well be himself.


As an adult, I've been troubled by the disconnect between people, and the conflict that results  from that disconnect. We seem to be stuck in our own little worlds, excluding anyone who may  "threaten" our security; those people who look different, speak different, or dress different; and  in some extreme cases wanting to wipe them off the face of the earth. So what is really going on in the vast civilizations around the world? Are our perceptions of others and of ourselves  factual, or are they prejudices or ideals that we have been lead to believe? I want to find out  what really makes us who we are. Not the Western “us” but the Global “us”. I have this feeling that if we only knew more about each other, that the world would be a better place. Our ways  of living may be different, but our reasons for living may very likely be the same. Once we acknowledge our similarities, we will be able to embrace our differences. Knowledge is power.  The more we can learn and discover for ourselves, the more control we will have over our own destinies. 

I’m not seeking opinion. I’m seeking the truth.

Black Water
Black Water

“As of 2019, only 100 people have sailed solo, non-stop, below the three great capes… In  1969, or 2019, sailing around the world alone, is vexing.”  

- The New York Times”- 

“Sailors personally face the great forces of nature. Those forces aren’t evil or anything. They’re  just indifferent…. Everything matters at sea. Even the smallest thing.”  

- Nancy Griffith, Following Seas - 

The Ocean - 139.7 million square miles. The route. Approximately 87,000 miles, 3.5 times the  circumference of the earth. Travelling the speed of a bicycle. 

It is exploration. It is discovery. It is bearing witness to the position and plight of the citizens of  this world. It is our duty to become enlightened, and to share that enlightenment.

It is holding our responsibilities as humans accountable. Our responsibility to BE the intelligent  ones, to make the RIGHT choices. To rise to the challenge. To embrace each other. To reject  fear… The bravery we choose today, may be our reward tomorrow. 

“Knowledge is knowing the height of Mt. Everest. Enlightenment is actually scaling it.” 

I’m not here to discover option. I’m here to discover the truth. The ability to learn from people  who are actually connected to the earth. Who actually have to provide for themselves. Who  actually have to worry about rising ocean levels, because their house might get washed away,  literally. Who have to worry about the destruction of reefs, because if they don’t they won’t be  able to eat. 

Those are the kinds of stories that provide enlightenment. Those are the kinds of stories that  will enact change. The view of the world from the people who actually live there. To discover  parts of the ocean that people don’t typically go to. Parts of the ocean that are difficult to get  to. Parts of the ocean that perhaps are ugly, and that’s why people don’t go there. 

I’m here to discover the facts about the people who actually live in it. In all the corners of the  world. Under grass huts, on top of the mountains, on the beaches, on the prairies, in the  swamps, in the mines, and in the garbage dumps. The ugly and the beautiful, all shown for  what it really is.  

They don’t need to hear my opinion on it. They need to see what it actually looks like. What  actually happens there.  


Those are the types of things that this program will show… The truth.

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